Fendler’s Sandwort

If ever the word “spangle” is to be applied to a western wildflower, surely this is the one.

Multitudes of little white flowers on wiry stems spangle the grasslands (or, if you prefer the noun form of the word, that works too: little white flowers like spangles in the grass).

Eremogone fendleri

For many years I thought the petals had tiny lavender-pink dots on them, but but those are anthers, the pollen-bearing portion of the stamen. If you look close at the upper photo, you can see them hovering over the petals’ surface. Looking at the flowers through a macro lens helps, too, which is another benefit of this project.

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2 Responses to Fendler’s Sandwort

  1. Jenny-Lynn Ellis says:

    Just beautiful!

    • Andrea Jones says:

      They’re small flowers, and so easy to overlook. They definitely reward that closer look.

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