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The Jungle Indoors

On this March afternoon, clouds drift in sullen white-gray flocks, west to east. The sodden remains of last week’s blizzard litter the ground in ragged drifts, their undersides dissolving to slush faster than the tops melt under a disinterested sun. The warming ground and moisture are welcome, but the muck and disarray, on the heels of this very long winter, are not welcoming.

If I want greenery and the promise of another season, I won’t find it outdoors this week, not here…

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About Andrea

For the purposes of this blog, what’s relevant to know about me is where I live, which is on a grassy ridge in central Colorado, at an elevation of 8900 feet. The nearest town of any size is thirty miles away and very few of my neighbors have a social security number. Their identities are, instead, defined by their habits and roles in the landscape.

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About My Book

Andrea Jones writes about life at the urban-wild interface from two different homes in the Colorado Rockies, first in Fourmile Canyon west of Boulder, then near Cap Rock Ridge in central Colorado. Whether negotiating territory with a mountain lion, working to reduce her property’s vulnerability to wildfire, or decoding the distinct personalities of her horses, she offers useful and engaging perspectives on natural beauty, and the nature of home.