Friends, the month of July is running out of days faster than I am running out of flowers to post.

Here, then, is a sampling of the flowers from the Astragulus genus. By sharing them as a group, I’m able to show you more of the floral abundance and variety, whilst avoiding any pretense of being able to sort out the difference species. Sources tell me there are dozens of species in Colorado, of which eight are pictured here. I’m going to call this a representative sample rather than a comprehensive survey.

The challenges of accurately sorting one from the other are summed up nicely on the Southwest Colorado Wildflowers site, where you can read more if you wish. Or you can simply enjoy these clips from our local show. The flowering is winding down now, as the plants concentrate on forming seed pods.









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2 Responses to Astragulus

  1. camille dungy says:

    Thanks for this amazing resource!

    • Andrea Jones says:

      I’m so glad you stopped by, Camille. This bloom-a-day project has been a planned break from writing (or a break from planned writing??), but it certainly hasn’t been a break from research or paying attention!

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