Rocky Mountain Ninebark

Physocarpus monogynus

As charming as this flowering shrub is, you’d think I would have learned its name long ago, but I didn’t look it up until last year. “Ninebark” comes from the belief that the shrub’s shredding bark consisted of nine layers.

Near the house, they are low bushes under the pines, but I’ve seen them in the neighborhood as enormous mounds, bright green in summer, but looking more like a snowball cannon about to go off in a year like this.

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4 Responses to Rocky Mountain Ninebark

  1. I looked this up before but had forgotten it. Thank you for the reminder, Andrea. It is such a pretty bush.

    • Andrea Jones says:

      Tanja, I have a longstanding habit of having to look up the same plants year after year after year. I’m kind of hoping that typing the names and maybe jotting a few notes might help me remember, so I’m not looking all these up next year, too!

  2. Pat Dubrava says:

    I am loving these flowers of the day all month!

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