A little evanescent froth for these dry mountains: the blooms on these shrubs are dramatic while they last, but they don’t last long.

Holodiscus dumosus: a bush that knows how to play with light.

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2 Responses to Mountainspray

  1. Norma Jean Crozier says:

    Have enjoyed your daily flower blog this month. Been copying and pasting images and sending to my daughter in law, educating her on the “weeds” of Colorado.( Otherwise called wildflowers. ) Thanks for your photos and research. It’s been most interesting.

    • Andrea Jones says:

      Norma, I was hoping to share the wealth, but I’s so glad you’re finding the info useful enough to share. I’m doing my best on identifications, but it’s a wild universe–the plants themselves don’t always show the characteristics they’re “supposed” to, and classification is a fluid thing. Stay tuned for more on “weeds”!

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