Good News Follow-up

IMG_3318On Friday, May 6, the Colorado Authors’ League (CAL)  announced the  winners of their 2016 Writing Awards, and I was honored to be recognized for this blog.

My sincere thanks to CAL for all the work the organization does to support and recognize Colorado Authors, and big congratulations to all the other finalists and winners!


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10 Responses to Good News Follow-up

  1. michael delaney says:

    Yea! That is really wonderful news, Annie. And very much deserved. Congratulations!!

  2. Janis Schiller says:

    ??? Congratulations!

  3. D says:

    um- your modesty is- borderline excessive! congrats!!!!


  4. GSDgrrl says:

    WhooHoo! You have a great combination of essays and photos. Congratulations.

  5. Andrea Jones says:

    Michael, thanks so much for the kind words…and thanks for reading!

  6. Andrea Jones says:

    Thanks Janis. It’s fun to be able to share tidbits from this corner of the world.

  7. Andrea Jones says:

    D, I’m thrilled, really. Just haven’t mastered the emoticon life, and all those exclamation points look silly!!!

  8. Andrea Jones says:

    I’m so glad you enjoy the word/image balance. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to SHOW and not only “show” in words. Thank you for being a reader…and a viewer!

  9. Andrea Jones says:

    Oh. Wait. MY exclamation marks look silly. Not yours.

  10. Cindy Seifert says:

    Congrats! !! I sure was thinking of u last wkend. Looks like all ur hard is paying off.

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