Lambert’s Locoweed

While Silky locoweed blooms early, with thick clusters of white and palest lavender flowers, this Oxytropis blooms later and louder, and with slightly more airy spacing between the flower spikes.

Oxytropis lambertii

You would think a color this ostentatious would clash with everything in sight, but Lambert’s locoweed manages to coordinate with a number of other hues.

It goes with orange…

…or yellow…

…and white…

…or lavender and silver.

It’s pretty with blue…

…and, of course, with green.


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6 Responses to Lambert’s Locoweed

  1. Humans are more narrow-minded than flowers!

  2. It DOES blend well with a wide range of other flowers, Andrea. The close-up photo shows the pretty blossoms very well.

    • Andrea Jones says:

      I find it hilarious that if I tried to match outfits in those colors I’d get locked up, but the flowers pull it off so effortlessly.

  3. Pat Dubrava says:

    You are having WAY too much fun with this delightful project!

    • Andrea Jones says:

      Can’t let trying to figure out if I’m getting Latin names right take over the whole thing, Pat.

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