Scarlet Paintbrush

Okay, everyone, I need you to imagine the sound of a bottle rocket launching.

Here, I’ll help you:





Castilleja miniata

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8 Responses to Scarlet Paintbrush

  1. Jenny-Lynn says:

    Oh, this captures all the fireworks I want this year (or ever)! Loving these posts.

  2. Nice series, I love the paintbrush. Mike

  3. Andrea Jones says:

    Thank you, Pat. Gotta try to have a little fun, even when you’re supposed to be having fun.

  4. Andrea Jones says:

    Thanks much, Jenny-Lynn. The project is turning out to be fun in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

  5. Andrea Jones says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mike. I have moments of anxiety that I’ll use up all the “good” flowers, but then I go outside again….

  6. Exactly the kind of fireworks I like, Andrea. 😊

  7. Andrea Jones says:

    I’m kind of partial to an explosion of color, as opposed to the room-rattling kind, Tanja.

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