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This Fall Interval

In this interval, we hauled the hay, stacked the wood, stowed the cushions from the outdoor furniture. We transported the flowerpots that spent the summer adorning the decks around the house down the hill to the greenhouse. If the plants … Continue reading

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Silky Locoweed

This white form of locoweed tends to bloom early. Most of it has set set seed in our area already, but those plants still flowering are popular. Oxytropis sericea Same bumblebee here (it worked over a cluster of plants quite … Continue reading

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Scarlet Paintbrush

Okay, everyone, I need you to imagine the sound of a bottle rocket launching. Here, I’ll help you: tskssssssssssksssssshsss…. sksssssssshssskssssssss…. shsssksssssssssssskssssss… Bang! Castilleja miniata

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Senecio species I’d need to dig deeper to narrow down the name, since we have a couple of variations in leaf shape/wooliness and some differences in the ray shape and arrangement. Based on the habitat here, chances are pretty good … Continue reading

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July Vacation

This morning began with work on a blog post I’ve had in mind since sometime in May. I took a batch of pictures for it on the first of June, and finally started writing this morning, running late but determined … Continue reading

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Parched…and Yet

I knew these days would come. In late spring for the last several years, I have nagged myself to remember—and be grateful for—the luxury of going into summer with moisture in the ground. How pleasant those days were. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Hope Springs

Every year it’s the same: as temperatures start creeping up, offering reassurance that winter is winding down, I start obsessing over color. This is a spring thing for many of us living in the world’s temperate zones, I suppose, but … Continue reading

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Late Season

Years ago, reflecting on our move from the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado to the more rural center of the state, I wrote about planning the space that would be our garden in the mountains: Despite the high elevation, short growing … Continue reading

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Summer of a Different Color

August: By now, usually, our high mountain landscape is burnished with a brassy gleam, as grasses send seedheads up to nod and wave in any breeze that bothers to turn up. In July, though, a monsoon weather pattern settled in, … Continue reading

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Landscaping in Slow Motion

Most of the landscaping around here came with the place. Contracting crews working on the house in 2002-03 were flustered that we were such sticklers about maintaining a tight construction envelope around the site, but I’m glad every day we … Continue reading

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