Watch This Space

Change is coming.

I know, I know: enough already. There’s been no end of upheaval and newsworthy and unprecedented and life-altering recently…or should that be “for ages now”? I have a hard time judging appropriate time references any more.

Anyway, if you’re not worn out and at least little stressed, congratulations. Please share your life secrets.

Pesky Wildlife

“…Rural development encroaches on the traditional habitat of coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, prairie dogs, bears, mosquitoes and other animals that can be dangerous and you need to know how to deal with them.” from “Code of the West,” created by John Clarke, former Larimer County (Colorado) Commissioner Moving to the country from the city…

A Secret in the Garden

One afternoon back in early June, a junco exploded from underfoot when I was in the garden. I didn’t think much of this, even though the same thing happened (in about the same location) a couple of days later. Dark-eyed juncos are common up here. Their habits keep them close to the ground where I’m…